The Badinotti family started the business of manufacturing and marketing of fishing nets in 1910 in Italy. They patented the knotless fishing net, being global leaders in the production and distribution. After seeing the opportunity in Peru, leader in the fisheries sector in Latin America country, they decided to open an office in Peru in the early 60s.

The second generation of the family Badinotti permanently reside in Peru for 20 years and maintains the Italian culinary tradition in your home. However, they wanted to find a food and beverage establishment that offers traditional Italian food 100 %, without any kind of fusion. This was the determining factor for our opening.

Il Covo is a place to celebrate and share the Italian tradition. And since many years, Italians have turned their food in more than just recipes, but a way of life and celebration.

Our concept is based on preserving the traditional and educate our guests on Italian customs during lunchtime. As always, have bread on the table to accompany the meal or drinking an espresso coffee or digestive after lunch.

The menu includes pasta dishes, meat and fish, prepared with traditional Italian recipes. Also, our pizza dough is made by us and our various cheeses, meats, wines and dry pasta imported from Italy.

We invite you to learn what the true Italian cuisine.





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